Parque de las CIencias Granada

Parque de las Ciencias

Parque de las Ciencias

Parque de las Ciencias, Granada, Andalusia (Spain) is an interactive museum of over 70.000 m2. Located a few short minutes on foot from the historic city center of Granada, it has one of the most varied offers for cultural and scientific leisure in Europe. www.parqueciencias.com  

Foucault ́s Pendulum Building

Discover the fragile balance of our planet, multiply your reflection inside the Tunnel of Infinity and trap your shadow in the Biosphere, Perception and Eureka exhibition halls. And for the youngest guests, there is the Exploration Hall. Planetarium. Enjoy an exciting journey through the Universe with a projection of over 7.000 stars. Outdoors The museum opens itself to the great outdoors with its Botanical Routes, Astronomy Garden, Astronomical. Observatory, Mental Gymnastics Marquee, dynamic sculptures, Energies Zone, exhibitions on mechanics and perception and other open air games. Macroscopio
  • Pavilion for Journey into the Human Body. A sojourn from the origin of life up to the human anatomy.
  • Al-Andalus Science Pavilion. The scientific and technological legacy of al-Andalus is put within your reach.
  • The Prevention Culture Pavilion. To improve the perception of risks in the workplace and in daily life.
  • The Techno-Forum Pavilion. A space for new technologies, innovation and art.
  • Natural Spaces Pavilion. All about the natural spaces of Andalusia, as well as a focus on the environment and its conservation.

Observation Tower.

A viewpoint over the City of Granada where you can experience science and technology.

Natural Spaces Pavilion. 

All about the natural spaces of Andalusia, as well as a focus on the environment and its conservation.

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