javier caballero

Javier Caballero

He was born in the city of Vitoria Gasteiz in 1978, when it began the life of Javier Caballero, one of the most celebrated shaker. The most of its work has taken part in Negreira, Galicia.

Everything appeared when Javier wanted to ear some money to take his career in Physical Education. He began as an assistant barman to become a recognized Bartender some months later.

He spent three years working in Santiago but, he decided to work in Ibiza during the summer and in Formigal during the winter. Quite a luxury during the summer and winter! A luxury full of work and effort, of course.

He has worked in a lot of places including Barcelona. Knight continues learning about the work of a Bartender. He decided to specialize a little bit more and he began with Flair Bartending working on, beverage brands , caterings…

Thanks to the mix of techniques and knowledge, it began to emerge a new world of cocktails. That is how Liquid Experience born . The laboratory where the best flavors of mixology born. Javier Caballero called I”Coctelería Evolutiva”. He also has taken part of LiquidClub, a school of Homentenders with a lot of tastings and cocktail learning courses.

In addition to teaching and continue training daily, Javier, has a huge influence as a consultant in beverage local brands as Cocteleria Doble, Restauranyt L’Eggs, La Royale and Black, including collaborations with major brand gins.

He continues surprising us as a person and professional, his passion for his work has made him write a book,” Liquid Experience coctelería evolutiva” . Where he introduces us into his world through small tips and recipes for cocktails.

Daring and dreamer, these are the adjectives that defines the co-creator of GINRAW, an exquisite gastronomic gin. You can not forget the name of Javier Caballero. Knowing his philosophy and find out more about it.

In Marquis Hotels, we can not miss any of his cocktails!

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