Jamie Olivier Revolution

Jamie Olivier Revolution

Jamie Olivier Revolution

He was born on May 1975. He was the son of a hotelier, and grew in the atmosphere of the pub-restaurant The Cricketers. Oliver has always been a lover of cooking. He started very young too cook due to his parents wants made him a good chef. When he was 16, he decided he wanted to work as a chef.

He enrolled to study at Westminster Catering College. He also travelled to France to learn good culinary notions. On his return to London, he began to work at The Neal Street Restaurant.

He began another adventure in River Cafe, where he learnt a lot with Gray and Ruth Rogers. From that point, he began to be a famous person, and he started to work in The Naked Chef in the 98’s.

He is a real, innovative and creative chef … Oliver always wanted to make each person eat well, since he believed that a good diet was very important for the health. He did not want fast food. He wanted fresh food.

It has 14 recipes books, in which it is reflected a diverse cuisine.

Here’s the link of all the books of the Chef Jamie Olivier.

He also has a charity project called Fifteen Project. He wanted to create a restaurant for young people who did not have too much resources in order to give them some practices about cooking. It is growing by several countries. In addition, he has made the British government gives more budget to school canteens.

He also changes the paella Vlencinala adding to this “chorizo”. He gaigned somo critics but he continues being a good chef.

How do you do prepare paella?

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