The Gastronomy  the set of dishes that can be found in one city. In Granada, it is framed within the Andalusian cuisine and you can tell it has a wide and rich cuisine, mixed by various contributions, mainly recently provided by the new settlers with products that were previously forbidden. They are equally famous waters of Lanjarón.


Granada is the capital of the “tapa”. In our city, you will have a free “tapa” for each drink. The “tapeo”, is one of the best ways to meet Granada.


The geography of granada is too uneven. Its situation let us enjoy a lot of ingredient’s variety. The production of natural products is very similar to the “Malagueña” or “Almeriense”, that is the reason why this 3 cuisines are associated.

Vegetables and fruits

One of the most representative dishes in Granada are the green beans. There are also another typical dishes like “patatas a lo pobre” or “migas”. The production of almonds made the soup of almonds famous. There are a lot of enterprises for the production of asparagus. The emblematic fruit is the pomegranate.

Meat and fish

The “olla de San Antón” is one of the traditional dishes.  The pork products are eaten by the most part of the population. The fluvial fishing is focused on trouts and goatfishes.


In the field of baking, it ha an huge variety of sweets, among which are the “huevos moles of San Anton”, the “bizcochaza de Zafra”, the “pestiños de la Encarnación” or the “hojaldre de San Jerónimo”. The “Alfajores of the Albaicin” , the “tocinillos of Guadix”, los “roscos de Loja”, las “empanadillas de Santa Catalina”, the ” huesos de santo de las monjas de Santa Isabel ” , the “roscos de Montefrío”, the “retorcidos de hojaldre” , the “gachas de mosto” , the “soplillos”, the “pestiños de Vélez” …  The “Pionono” is a typical sweet of the neighboring metropolitan city of Santa Fe, but by extension also is considered typical of the city of Granada.


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