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fashion food

Fashion has led us to all fields, not just clothes. In recent years plants and being vegetarian is more fashionable. Famous people have wanted to create recipes with “new” foods. They introduced foods such as kale, beets, beans, seaweed or teff. Besides different oils like sesame, coconut or avocado, among many others. Seeds such as quinoa or chia. We want to talk a little bit about each of them, the recipes that can be made and the benefits that they bring to our body. We started with the delicious black beans, legumes which comes from Latin America, specifically Peru. This legume is full of beneficial properties as fiber, protein and minerals. A rich recipe can be found at iMujer : black Cuban beans. Seaweeds, a new trend in haute cuisine. In addition to be a delicious taste, they contain vitamins and anti-inflammatory properties among many others. We have to know that there are different types of seaweeds that can be used for different dishes, such us wakame, dulse, agar-agar, Kombu, Hiziki, Arame, and Nori. Tino Otero, gastronomic project coordinated in Porto Muiños give us some more information. Teff, the new flour substitute, that is achieving celebrity, even higher than the quinoa. Teff is gluten free and it’s also very beneficial for the colon, blood sugar … A delicious recipe you can do are these delicious cookies. Whole oats is the favorite cereal for many athletes. It is rich in protein, vitamins and minerals. In addition to unsaturated fats, it has a high percentage of omega3. Its vitamins help you metabolize carbohydrates. An ideal recipe is the Porridge, very tasty and nutritious, and it only takes 5 minutes to cook. Oils that are trending for their flavors and properties are separated in three groups. The coconut oil is rich in saturated fatty acid; the avocado helps to improve the health of your heart and immune system, and it is rich in monounsaturated fatty acids. Finally the Polyunsaturated fatty sesame acids. We want to give importance to this trend so we invite you to enjoy our excellent cuisine in Marquis Issabel’s.    

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