Events and things to do in Granada

We don’t work the British Steven Duggan, but we have a lot of magic to let our guests be happy in their stay. Our 2 hotels “Marquis Portago” and “Marquis urban” are two of the best hotels in the city, we also offer you a place for your celebrations.
El Festival Insólito en el Urban.

Insólito Festival in Marquis Urban.

We don’t have acrobats from the prestigious “Cirque du Soleil”, but we have a high quality catering, the last technologies and a fantastic environment.  We have been chosen for festivals, cosmetics companies and special people like Mary Kay, Ecoco and Karolina Fresneda, the magazine laweekendlist.es, the entrepreneurs AJE, doctors, students…. to do their events the best events!
Presentación de zapatos de Karolina Fresneda.

Presentación de zapatos de Karolina Fresneda.


The most personal parties

As we know that not all people wants the same parties, we adapt our events to your needs. Fiesta privada en nuestra terraza mirador. Private party in our terrace  

Corporate events

Do you want to show a video? here you can do it. Do you want to listen to the best music? we offer you a quality DJ. Do you want to surprise your guests? You are in the correct place. Marquis Hotels offers you everything you need for your events. It has lounges, apartments, covered and open-air terraces to organize a great variety of events (wine tasting, birthday parties, shooting, filming…  For us, it’s a pleasure working with you! Take a look at our website and start planning your event.

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