La tabernilla del Darro

La tabernilla del Darro

“La tabernilla del Darro”          

Begins falling in love with the church of Santa Ana, while sitting on her stairs you can contemplate the street performers, jugglers, painters, artisans, singers, dancers …

If you continue walking along the Darro and at the foot of the Alhambra, you will find a tavern called “La Tabernilla del Darro” (located in Puente Espinosa, 15). This place is an old cistern. You can enjoy the smell of good wine and the gastronomy of Granada. A breathtaking views accompanied with the freshness smell of the water flowing through the river are one of the best thing of this place.

We invite you to meet this new place in Granada, its wines, its cuisine, its people …

If you want to enjoy a good meal, you have to go there. You will have the opportunity to taste the most knowing wine of Granada “Malafollá”, a red, soft and tasty wine with wood tannis well integrated accompanied by a table of cold cuts.

Dishes are made with love and they are a perfect mixture of the most modern and minimalist cuisine.

And to continue enjoying the day, you can spend the night taking a Gin & Tonic in “El Huerto del Loro”, a cozy terrace with stunning views of Granada.

Stop dreaming and make it real!

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