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December holidays in Granada

December in Granada

December holidays in Granada December and Christmas are coming to Granada, music, the smell of wine and the Christmas spirit are arriving to the streets of the city. The 3rd of December starts the Chirstimas market in Bib Rambla. It finishes the 6 Of January. There are...

Nomvember in Granada

November in Granada

November in Granada with Jazz of rhythm November in Granada is full of rhythm. The XXXVII International Festival of Jazz starts the 3rd of November and finishes the 17th. In the opening of the Festival, Andre Motis will show her last project. The second day of the...

pink ribbon

October 19 World Day Against Breast Cancer

Together with the pink bow In Marquis Hotels, we want to fight Cancer on this official day for the breast cancer. This post is not a dram, it’s a tribute to all women men have fight against this illness, directly or indirectly. Famous people as Bimba Bosé, Shannen...


Granada in the month of October

Granada in the month of October Granada is a city that can not be missed due to its history. You can walk along the Alhambra and the Generalife’s garden in the night when the autumn started to arrive in the city. At this time of the year,...

Jamie Olivier Revolution

Jamie Olivier Revolution

Jamie Olivier Revolution He was born on May 1975. He was the son of a hotelier, and grew in the atmosphere of the pub-restaurant The Cricketers. Oliver has always been a lover of cooking. He started very young too cook due to his parents wants made...

Languages meeting.

Languages meeting

Languages meeting. Last 8 October at 11:30 in our hotel Marquis, we did the Meet Locals Speak English. A great meeting when we could taste a fantastic paella. We found a lot of different nationalities inclouding people from Toronto, Germany, Afric, France… The entry was totally free...

Fashion food

fashion food

Fashion has led us to all fields, not just clothes. In recent years plants and being vegetarian is more fashionable. Famous people have wanted to create recipes with "new" foods. They introduced foods such as kale, beets, beans, seaweed or teff. Besides different oils like sesame,...

javier caballero

Javier Caballero

He was born in the city of Vitoria Gasteiz in 1978, when it began the life of Javier Caballero, one of the most celebrated shaker. The most of its work has taken part in Negreira, Galicia. Everything appeared when Javier wanted to ear some money to...


The best restaurants around the world

The best restaurants around the world

Let’s make a tour in the best restaurants around the world, Who does not loves to taste a meal with a beautiful views?

We are going to travel to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. Where you can breathe the sea breeze and enjoy the best seafood. With the fantastic stunning views of the Pacific Ocean that offers the restaurant. The Champagne and the cheese will make you enjoy a wonderful evening at “El Farallón”.

A culinary star

A culinary star

A culinary star Our new post for the blog is dedicated to David Muñoz! The young Spanish chef. This man has entered into the culinary world, not only nationally but also internationally. Since he was little, he loved cooking. He has been in a good school since...

La tabernilla del Darro

La tabernilla del Darro

“La tabernilla del Darro”          

Begins falling in love with the church of Santa Ana, while sitting on her stairs you can contemplate the street performers, jugglers, painters, artisans, singers, dancers …


Summer tourism in Granada

Summer tourism in Granada

Art and cultural events not leave Granada in summer. Despite the fact that the  heat bathes the city throughout the season, the streets are full of people.


Feria 2016

Feria 2016 Are you going to visit Granada on the 21st - 28th of Mai? You can not miss its Corpus. A week full of light and color. Lights, "sevillanas" and "rebujito". As every year at 00:00 on Saturday night  exhibition begins to shine. Everybody in Granada wears flamenco costumes and hair...


Make yourself at home in Marquis Hotels

With this post, we inaugurate the new Marquis Hotels’ blog. If you are looking for a stay in Granada, you are in the right place. Sometimes I miss that Granada is a dream land and one of the most visited cities in Spain for his history,...


Events and things to do in Granada

We don’t work the British Steven Duggan, but we have a lot of magic to let our guests be happy in their stay. Our 2 hotels “Marquis Portago” and “Marquis urban” are two of the best hotels in the city, we also offer you a...


Sierra Nevada, Best Winter destination.

A Recent survey of Trip Advisor admit that Granada is the 5th most choose destination in Europa. [caption id="attachment_1857" align="aligncenter" width="1024"] Sierra Nevada. (sierranevada.es)[/caption] Sierra Nevada is an authentic paradise for winter lovers. It offers a fantastic scenery with an enviable climate, modern installations next to the...


Famous in love with Granada.

The last man to walk on the surface of the moon during the Apollo 11 mission, Harrison Schmitt, came to Granada to see the most beautiful sunset. Some famous people, like Dalai Lama, Brad Pitt, Rita Hayworth, S. Spielberg o Jim Morrison have visited the...

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